games squared


"Games Squared" is a group of professionals bound together by the goal to translate and localize games in Belarusian language! Well and YouTube/Twitch channel but that's beside the point.

You will find the list of finished and current projects as well as contact information here. So if you have questions, suggestions or mistakes in translations to report, or you just need to contact us, send mails here:

localized games

Feudal alloy

Small metroidvania about robots controlled by fish (and a hamster). Tiny amount of text was coupled with requirement to create custom Cyrillic font.

  • Language status: Officially available in game menu

  • Original language: Czech

  • Amount of text: 5 pages / 1.9K words

  • Font: Cyrillic adaptation of original font

  • Available stores/platforms: Steam, GOG, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Humble Store

  • Team: Hanna Sněžaň (translation), Aliaksei Koval (font)

  • More information: Custom font demonstration, screenshots

Despotism 3k

Survival about puny humans, robotic despot and its Master. With text quests and specific humor.

  • Language status: Officially available in game menu

  • Original language: Russian

  • Amount of text: 50 pages / 16.2K words

  • Available stores/platforms: Steam, iOS, Android

  • Team: Hanna Sněžaň (translation)

  • More information: Screenshots

translations in progress

escape from tarkov

Hardcore militaristic shooter.

  • Language status: Translation completed and sent to developers

  • Original language: Russian/English

  • Amount of text: 343 pages / 95.1K words

  • Available stores/platforms: PC

  • Team: Hanna Sněžaň (translation), Aliaksei Kalashuk (translation)

Loop hero

Autoplay rouge-like with cards, superb story and unconventional main mechanic.

  • Language status: Translation completed. Negotiation with developes in progress

  • Original language: Russian

  • Amount of text: 134 pages / 36K words

  • Available stores/platforms: Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Humble Bundle

  • Team: Hanna Sněžaň (translation), Aliaksei Kalashuk (translation)

THe team

Hanna Sněžaň

  • Experience: Center of Slavic Languages and Cultures (teacher, translator)

  • Education: Belarusian State University (BSU), Faculty of Philology

  • Languages: Belarusian, Czech, Russian

Aliaksei Kalashuk

  • Experience: FC Dynamo Brest (translator), FC Dinamo Minsk (translator), "Невиданный футбол" channel (editor, translator), "Люди PRO" channel (translator)

  • Education: Minsk State Linguistic University (MSLU)

  • Languages: Belarusian, English, Russian

uladzimir herasimionak

And, of course, me.

Manager and mastermind. The only sponsor and project's author.

  • Languages: Belarusian, English, Russian, Polish

special thanks

Aliaksei Koval

For the most professional work on Cyrillic font

Aliaksandr Haradzetski

For inspiration and game localization (not only in Belarusian)


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